Raising the Bar on Design

Just because I've been here 35 years doesn't mean that i know every thing.  For this reason I have created the position of Fun and Fashion Officer and appointed Celeste Landrum into that role.  Customers at my shows are acquainted with Celeste.  SInce she was not even born when i started, she brings to the table a different , yet compatible, point of view.  My bringing this up is to focus on the leaf pictured below.

Copper Leaf

My own way of doing things is to finish the piece and throw it on the table.  Then I expect customers to walk up and spot the 'brilliance' in the middle of a jumble of stuff.  Celeste is no longer permitting this practice.

Projects for the week.

These four pieces will be worn with copper or silver wire chokers.  The copper will treated so as not to leave a ring around the neck, by the way.  I have made these chokers over the years, usually as a quick way at the pop up store to accommodate the request of a customer.  For these four pieces, the choker will be integral with the design.  They will not be finished until the chokers are complete.  I can make a 'sufficient' choker as a no brainer.  However, this week I will design them and in doing so share the trial and error.

Intentional Error

Intentional Error

We start with 14 gauge square wire to play with form.  I will throw this in a pile after I craft the intentional Error Number 2,  This report will be updated.

Fun and Fashion Officer Landrum

This is the second pass....