Random Report

Some things come in dreams: 

The bronze was raised and then chased into shape with metal stakes

Apparently channeling hurricanes in August, this piece was completed after Hurricane Harvey flooded my home town of Houston  

Chased Argentium Silver and Bronze

We did a show in Houston, the First Saturday Arts Market, two weeks after the hurricane resulted in sales 21% above average for September at that show. 

Our Houston intern, Zeinab, photographs the table top layout so she will know how it's supposed to go

I was strolling through the show and happened upon the display of painter, Janice Jackson. She favors dock side, sailing themes among others. But there hanging on her wall was a painting that included a representation of my booth. AWESOME!  She wasn't trying to sell it to me, she just found it appealing as a subject,  like a sailboat or a pelican. THe German shepherd often appears in her workAWESOME!  Of course I had to have it. 

I made an alter for it with a stirred martini and one of my bowls. 

Finally, my current project is a hand made chain using Argentium Sterling for its property of fusing together without solder. What I am attempting is to perfect the construction of complex pieces with a propane torch rather than a standard jewelers torch.  

Scroll work.  I will show this when its clean and complete at the Bayou City Arts Fair