Two Nights Before the Show

2017 White Linen Night in the Heights

Fold forms, chasing and repousse are processes represented in the pieces which I have prepared recently for the 13th annual White Linen Night in the Heights.


The red rubellite tourmaline is wrapped in square sterling wire which I have hammered into a round shape giving the metal a ruggedness tocompliment the ruggedness of the natural, raw crystal.  I filed the tip to a tapered point lending fluidity to the design.


I originally introduced this piece in Juneat the Discovery Green after taking a masters class in the technique of chasing and repousee with Fabrizio Aquafresqua.


I picked up this shell n the beach on Padre Isle


This is the very best rose I've ever made.  Its signed.


Sterling silver wood-grained cuff bracelet for men or for womenn.  I wear them, myself.


I set the display of 25 pieces up in my studio and leave it up for three weeks before an event like the White Linen Night so that I can tweak it to perfection by building new pieces which will stand out.