Weekend Design Summary

A flood of activity in designing for a major National Show. The show I am preparing is the Bayou City Arts Festival. I use the word "flood" because I am quite anxious about my friends and the community in  Houston.  


Winged Transporter, number 1 of a series began on Friday night as the storm was approaching shore.



Post Apocalyptic Primitive design, in the listening of the eye of the storm, caught in a vortex below Interstate 10, in the heart of Stephen F. Austin's country.


Assorted Parts   

Assorted Parts


I've been working on the copper fold-form collection for several weeks

Random Array of Copper fold/form, chisel textured componants

Random Array of Copper fold/form, chisel textured componants

Argentium Collection 


These pieces are coming along,  They originated in a single 6x6 piece of Argentium silver


This one pulled off the display so as to upgrade the bail.  


Fold form completed on Sunday  


And finally. Wing 02, the Wing of Hope, will have a bright crystal designed to produce rainbows for my friends in Houston.  The next step is to file the edges, making them smooth.