I left off in my previous post with an image of the silver pallet  


But there is plenty to  do.  that last show, Discovery Green Flea By Night, was very dusty.   I have to replace the water color paper used as a backdrop and make new signs.  The silver pallet above will be integrated into the Fall Post-Apocalyptic Primative Collection.

Working on the display for White Linen Night,  I left out the "Post-"

Working on the display for White Linen Night,  I left out the "Post-"

Back in the studio, I am using the fold-forming procedure as revealed by Charles Lewton-Brain in books and videos over the past  30 years.


Lewton-Brain advocates a pure creative process.  I decided to drop the piece into a bowl of pitch and chase the outlines for greater definition.


A texturing punch made by the Italian artist Fabrio Aquafresqua is used to create the scoring in these cells. 


At this point I ran out of propane.  Then the A/C duct work fell apart.  I have to stop everything and address this matter.  It is approaching 100 degrees outside in Austin each day.


It takes about 6 hours to build a new stand and re-work the  ducts.  This corner of the studio needs to be put back togehter.


The AC fixed, as I write,  after a 101 degree day, it's 90 degrees outside, but a cool 74 degrees in the studio.  This has me enerjized, so I upgraded a stump by installing hammer holders around the perimeter.

Old Blackmsith's trick.

Old Blackmsith's trick.

Out of propane cannisters, I cant go abck to the chasing project, needing about a dozen more mobiles for Whilte Linen NIght, I commence making them. 


We started talking about the fold-form process. Life interrupts. I like to show progress in the form of completing something. Two mobiles for White Linen Night in the Heights hang in front of signed a poster for Rock Star Flutist Sarah-Jane Hargis.  I will get back to the fold-form procedure on another day.