Building a Fall Collection

I'm playing with fold-forming techniques invented by Brian Lewton-Brain, who coincidentally is in Austin this week to give a 30 hour masters Clsss at the Creative Side Academy. 


The strategy is to prepare a pallet  in copper and one in Silver to cut into smaller pieces to fashion into the Fall Post-Apocalyptic Primitative 'collection.'


Flip it over and outline the forms.  


I cut out the enscribed pieces and there was plenty of left over copper.  So I fashioned it into pieces. There are 15. 


Design is  beginning to take place by riffing on the pieces.   Some readers will recognize this as a jazz idiom. To riff is to explore freely upon a theme. This series is guided by a little known piano player from the 59's and 60's named Elmo Hope.  If I may say, a little Elmo Hope sauce is needed right now, not only in this design, but in the wider world as well. 


Process shown in Silver