There are a lot of Studio Jewelers with a lot of training, experience and good ideas.  I get excited when I see other people's work and enjoy sharing their pictures.  This month i have been working on creating pictures for the jurying process of a National Show held in Houston.  Show applications can never be taken for granted.

2017 Jefferson Woodruff Display

This shot took 18 hours, over two days.  I had to set it all up and take it all down twice.  It had to happen on days with nice weather which I was not at a show and the weather was nice,  Then I had to wait for the right light.

Bronze Scallop, Handmade Bronze Curb Chain

The scallop was produced by first using different sized punches to raise the outline and contour.  Then the piece was flipped over and the details chased in using various chisels and a hammer.  I took a 36 hour wire weaving class at the Southwest School for Art in SanAntonio.  Now I have work which is enhanced by the hand-made chain.

Copper Rosette Earrings

The rosettes were forms through the use of chisels and hammer, with Swarovski crystal as a focal point.

Moon Lander, 18"x16" with pleaded crystal countervailing weights.  Bronze and copper cross beams are forged using an assortment of different hammers to achieve the shape