I've been to big street fairs from Boston to San Francisco, Charlotte to Chicago.  White Linen Nights in the Heights is a spectacle participated in by about 20,000 people.  It is very special to me.  This is the neighborhood where i grew up.  The event is remarkable for its  simplicity and grandness.  Set your calendar for next year, first Saturday of August.  When you look at my work, you are looking at the Heights and Oak Forest, two of the neighborhoods of Houston, Texas.

I think this is the 200 block of 19th Street, photo by Erik Kolflat

Here are a few items that I made up Friday night that were sold on Saturday


The rutile is a special piece with a hammer-chased bezel and bail.

Crysoprase (sp?)

This one did not stay around long enough to be documented.   I have already gone back into my collection and pulled two more for the pipeline. 

Flame Patina Copper with silver

First etched with a small wire brush on a rotary wheel, then torched, carefully manipulating the flame to being color-texture to different parts of the metal.  Protected by Color-Loc

Brazilian Quartz

The tips of the wire in this pendant were hand tapered to create the curled ends.