Cichlids in Waller Creek?

I take frequent walks along a Central Texas cree and document the flora and fauna extensively.  The natural state of these creeks is crystalline clear.  In their natural state they are populated with a variety of brightly colored sun fish.  Apparently the sun fish do not survive in turbidity.  I am interested in any fish that can survive in the environment metamorphed from the crystalline state.

Texas Cichlid (Herichthys Cyanoguttatus)?  This species abounds and I have not been able to identify it.

I decided the study the specimen,  I do this in metal because it forces to to contemplate the entire ecology of the subject.    

Fish in Red California Pitch

I Photoshopped the image to get a better understanding of the bone and muscle structure

Picture shows fins swept back

Like the mosquito fish, an invasive species in the area, this baby uses its side fins to stabilize against the flow, allowing it to stay in pools and eddies when the water rises. 


The fins had to be redirected

Shown from the point of view of the fish, with indistinct entities walking around, unobserved in another realm of existence on the creek bank.

These fish pick a spot and clean the water around it.  As they grow the spot expands until the entire basin is clear,  Note the muscular side fin. It holds the fish steady against the current. I would like to identify the species.

after 8-10 hours' study I may put this aside and begin study #2 which will delve into the matter of the eyes and the lips.